Mart van Enckevort

👋 Hi, I'm Mart van Enckevort, a student from the Netherlands
This is my site where you can find all of my projects


A discord bot and site using challonge for easy tournament hosting.


A music player which uses youtube.


Survive in an infinite random generated dungeons game!


An game.
My friend and I started this game a long time ago and later on we decided to continue.
Since it's hosted on a free hosting site, you will have to wait a while for it to start.

The goal is to defend your "core" with walls and turrets, which you can buy with coins.
It is a multiplayer-game, so you have to destroy the "core" of other players.

- WASD to move around
- ENTER to chat
- B to toggle build mode
- F to open shop

Multiplayer game

A 2D topdown multiplayer shooter


Survive in an infinite random generated dungeons game!

HFF maps

This was an information and community site + discord bot for an upcomming game named Helmet Royale.


Tunnel with circles? or something


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My skills

Javascript5 Years100%
Typescript2 Years90%
Discord.js3 Years85%
Electron5 Months80%
Nuxt & Vue.js3 Months75%
PHP6 Months70%
Deno2 Months65%
Flutter & Dart5 Months65%
Python5 Months60%
Laravel2 Months50%

And many more!